Moyo Kazi Qigong Workshop for Beginners

Mfundishi Khalil Maasi

(We are unsure at this time whether the workshop will be virtual or outdoors. The length of the workshop will be 1-1/2 hours. Details about date, time, and location will be forthcoming.)

NCMC will provide a introductory workshop in Newark to introduce the community to this gentle, powerful practice that is especially helpful in this uniquely stressful time that is effecting the physical and mental health of many.

Khalil will lead participants in Moyo Kazi Qigong exercises and standing meditation. Moyo Kazi AKA Dikitisa Ngolo is an integrated system of internal martial arts and healing developed by Shaha Mfundishi Maasi (Khalil’s father) from over 50 years of study of various internal martial traditions.

The goal of this practice is to heal and strengthen the body, improve respiratory and cardiovascular function, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, and bring the practitioner to a state of mindfulness and calm.

These exercises will be simple and easy to do by participants of all ages who have basic physical mobility. These standing exercises are no impact and do not require physical interaction. Youths will be welcome to attend.

A community service program of NCMC.