Suggested Holiday Practices for Thanks Giving

inner smile.pngAs our Group Meditations are temporarily postponed, let’s meditate together from our respective homes even though we’re apart. We start at 7:00pm. Choose a 15-20 minute guided meditation or we’ve suggested some. Or practice silently. You can end your session then or continue on with mindful stretches, readings, chants — whatever works for you! We use the free app at as our meditation timer and for some guided meditations. You can find us under Groups at “NCMC Sit Home Soul Group.” If you prefer though, use a different timer. Below we’ve shared some nice teachings that we found online that you might use:

Meditate: Taoist Inner Smile Meditation | David James Lees | 20m | Guided meditation.

Listen: Attitude of Gratitude | Mooji | 9m | Short talk.

Read: The Connection Between the Spirit of Gratitude and Mindfulness | Jack Kornfield | 10m +- | Interview article.

Eat: Simple Mindfulness: Mindful Eating | Thich Nhat Hanh | 6m | Short talk.

Give: Giving is part of our practice. There are plenty of local groups who are helping to feed and shelter. Just 1 dollar or 1 hour can make a positive difference to a neighbor’s sustenance — and — our own minds.