6-Week Meditation, Mantras & Movement Course starts March 9

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Guest Instructor Ella Moncur
Dates Mondays, March 9 to April 13 (3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30, 4/6, 4/13)
Time 6:00pm to 7:15pm
Location NCMC, 2 Park Place, Newark, NJ (9 steps up)
Course Fee $60 paid in advance online. (Refunds only until 3/8.)
Level Beginning to Intermediate
Supplies Yoga mats are provided. Bring a closed water bottle. No need to wear yoga clothes, if you don’t have. Instead wear loose or stretchy pants (not jeans).

Limited Seating Up to 12 students, so register soon.


Course Each workshop will focus on one of the 7 main chakra energy systems starting from the root chakra and ending with the crown chakra. Each workshop will open with an overview and discussion of the energy center of focus, followed by an active yoga flow specifically geared to asanas that will help to open these centers, and ending with a healing meditation using vibrational sound music specific to each chakra as well as a mantra used as the centering thought for the meditation.

Objective To talk about each chakra, meditate on it, and move through it.

Week 1
ROOT CHAKRA has a direct correlation to our adrenal glands. This chakra is all about our physical identity, safety and security and ability to ground.
Week 2 SACRAL CHAKRA is associated with orange and has a direct correlation to the gonads, testes and ovaries. It is all about creativity, how we navigate through our personal relationships and intimacy.
Week 3 SOLAR PLEXUS has a direct correlation to digestion, the pancreas and liver. It is about our personal power, will power, self-esteem, mental focus and sense of belonging and purpose.
Week 4 HEART CHAKRA is correlated to our immune system and systemic allergies. It is about our ability to trust, forgive, love, and patience and compassion for all living.
Week 5 THROAT CHAKRA is correlated to our thyroid, ears, sinus, allergies. It relates to self-expression, communication and ability to live and speak our truth.
Week 6 THIRD EYE & CROWN CHAKRA Our Third Eye is about connection to our intuition and guidance to live in alignment with our higher self. The Crown Chakra is the absolute knowing, connection to spirituality, integration of oneness.


A fee-based program of Newark Center for Meditative Culture.

Contact us with any questions at info@newarkmeditation.org.