Giving Freely: Dana, an earnest appeal

Greetings NCMC friends,

In the spiritual and meditation domains, giving and generosity (also known as an ancient term of dana, pronounced daa·nuh) is considered a practice — even an art — that can be finely tuned and developed, partly through discipline, partly as maturing compassion.

At NCMC, as a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of you, our community, to support us through various channels — especially through monetary donations and service (time and energy). We in turn provide teachings and activities, free and donation-based, that we feel the Newark community is responsive to, appreciative of, and benefits from.

Right now, with a new opening of NCMC close upon us in a larger space and excitedly implementing and planning important projects through our first grant awards, our committed volunteers are at full capacity in their service with NCMC. We are reaching out to you to help and be a part of our team, be it through donations or service.

Larger donations might provide the funding we need to hire professionals for special projects that need to be done. Smaller donations can help to keep our bottom line secure.

Service as a volunteer is currently needed for:
1. Providing content for and integrating social media.
2. Hands-on help in the new Center with cleaning and preparing for upcoming programs.
3. Hands-on help at upcoming events (Sun Aug 29 and Sun Sep 19).
4. Optimizing and configuring our website (IT person).

Do you have spare time that you can commit either to a project or as an ongoing volunteer? Is there some other service you can offer that we may not have listed? Please let us know, we may need it!

Contact us by email to discuss potential volunteer service at

Donations by credit/debit card or PayPal can be made quickly through the top “Donate Here” button of our Linktree site or through the button below. Checks can be sent to us at Newark Center for Meditative Culture, PO Box 182, Newark, NJ 07101.

We appreciate your time in reading this.

In gratitude,
The NCMC Team