Compassionate Activism

What do we mean by compassionate activism within the setting of a meditation community? It’s sometimes called sacred activism or engaged spirituality. In a meditation community, compassionate action means to get up from our cushions individually and as a soul group and use our finer-tuned mindfulness, spiritual power, righteous indignation, and deeper empathy and turn this conscientious compassion into concrete action. So far for NCMC this has meant applying compassionate action in several ways:

– We participate in programs to raise awareness for important social issues. We have walked for climate change, social justice, peace, and hunger relief in Newark, the Greater Newark Area, and New York City.

– We engage in local efforts such as participating in cleaning up park areas and urban food right support.

– We share our meditation expertise with the community by going out and presenting at local events or simply meeting for discussions to gain reciprocal knowledge. We partner with organizations who want to bring mindfulness and meditation sessions to their events.

– We cooperate and collaborate with other local meditative and like-minded organizations so that we can support each other and in doing so support the Greater Newark community in total.

Our plan is to develop compassionate activism with a more focused approach as we mature as a contemplative community and understand what is both wanted and needed.