Booking Space at NCMC

Booking Space at NCMC for Your Programs

Once we open our Center again, there will be two rooms available to book for Guest Hosted Programs:
The Lenape Room for Learning & Community Gathering
The Meditation Room for Meditation & Mindful Movement

Potential Guest Hosts are inspired local and global change agents and nearby communities of practice that adhere to mindful and conscientious activity in the arts, culture, education, environment, and naturally the spiritual, wellness, and meditative and healing arts sectors.

We consider both non-profit and for-profit organizations as well as individuals as potential hosts.

Please follow the below steps to see if there is a fit to host your program at NCMC:

Step 1.
Read NCMC Room Rate & Usage Brochure

Step 2.
Review NCMC Sample Agreement for Room Usage

Step 3.
If interested, fill out the NCMC Inquiry Form for Guest Hosting.

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(Links to Sample Agreement and Inquiry Form are on last page of Brochure.)