Brick City Mindfulness Handbook

Free 24 page, full-color e-Handbook for all online and limited quantity paper Handbooks for qualifying Newark organizations and groups to distribute and use.

Our intent in creating this handbook was to benefit individuals and families new to the practice of meditation and mindfulness. It will introduce you to the basic concepts, practices, tools, and tips to gently guide you as you explore, experiment and evaluate the role of meditation in your life. See what works for you — what fits your situation (time, location, access, etc.) Includes Family Mindfulness practices.

Both during and after the pandemic we feel that the content especially will be supportive to Newark families and constituents who are stressed and might learn some basic practice tools from the Handbook. Even learning one simple thing from it might make all the difference to them.

The Handbook in either format can be used as content for learning at a beginner’s study group, discussion group, or workshop, but it is simple enough for self-learning as well.

Free e-Handbook
Available now to anyone, anywhere.

For your convenience the handbook is downloadable and printable. (Once you’ve read the handbook, please take our survey by using the link on the last page of it.)


Free Paper Handbook
For qualifying Newark organizations and groups.

We have a limited quantity of printed handbooks for you to order and share within your staff and communities. It’s a great basic learning tool — with or without guidance! Each handbook comes with a two-sided flyer that you can insert or use with your constituents as you prefer. It’s a simple Mental Health Quick Guide that lists basic contact information to city and local mental health services and NCMC practice links on the back (Read below to see requirements.)

1. Location:  Must be a Newark NJ organization or group (even informal) working with residents/families of and/or employees in Newark.
2. Distribution:  Please distribute one per individual or family or whatever suits the needs.
3. Quantity to order:  Please order just what you need. We ask that you order what you feel the real quantity is that will be used and distributed and order more if supplies are still available. Maximum quantity per order is 100.
4. Pick-up:  We can deliver if necessary or we can arrange specific pick-up times that may be convenient to you at our location at 2 Park Place, Newark, NJ.
5. Optional Recipient Survey:  We ask that you request that the recipients of the handbook take the Recipient Survey after they have read it or used it in a workshop. We understand that some may not be willing to do so, but it will help us in further understanding the needs and interests of the Newark Community and in making any revisions to the handbook for any subsequent printings. Recipient Survey can be found at
6. Optional Organizer Survey:  We also request if able that any organization or group who distributes or utilizes this handbook also fill out a simple survey after the distribution or use of the handbook, based on your own perceptions as well as any feedback given. Organizer Survey can be found at

Workshop are Available:
NCMC representatives are available, for those organizations and groups who have a budget, to provide a beginners workshop or series using the handbook. If you would like to discuss a potential NCMC-led workshop beforehand, contact us at or we can discuss once you have filled out the Order Form and we respond to your request.

General Questions:
Please contact us if you have questions or need help with any of the material in the handbook at


A free community service project of Newark Center for Meditative Culture made possible through a grant by the Victoria Foundation.