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The Concept of a Dana Economy

NCMC programs are generally offered in the spirit of dana, an ancient Sanskrit/Pali word meaning giving or gift. We believe that the meditative arts, in all of its varied cultural manifestations, are the products of Humanity’s unified quest for self-healing through self-knowing.

Meditation is the soul’s gift to the heart and mind. It restores mental clarity, polishes the mirror of self-reflection, opens the way to intrinsic guidance, and fosters an expanded circle of compassion.

A true gift would not be treated as a commodity, but be offered in the spirit of dana, an action rooted in compassion and generosity. Dana or generosity in itself is a meditative practice that can be systematically developed.

To support our programs, in general rather than offering our work as a service to be bought, we ask for contributions. The basic principle of the dana economy is, “give what you can, take what you need”.

Our suggested donations most often reflect the base income budgeted to make the events possible. Lacking an independent means of financing, we turn to our program participants and our well-wishers for their support.

Please note that there are times, however, when we may need to hold fee-based programs to raise funds or for programs where expenses are high. We then plan to accommodate for those without a budget.

When you are inspired to give more, please do! Similarly, we appreciate that your financial circumstances might mean you need to give less. Either way, enter the spirit of our dana economy by giving what you can, so that we can support you to take what you need. We are also open to discussing donations in the form of skill sharing and other offers of work to support projects. We look forward to meeting you in the spirit of mutual generosity.

For inquiries regarding donations contact us at info@newarkmeditation.org.

You can donate online just below through PayPal or go to our Donation Page for more options. Please make a note in the memo area if you would like your donation to go to a specific need.

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