Meditation Practice

Teacher: Ib’nallah S. Kazi

Introduction to Meditation Medicine 1.0  |  Video course of talks and guided meditation with Kazi can help you move beyond settling for the explanation of meditation, into the experience of meditation and a consistent practice.
1.1: Meditation is Medicine  32 M
1.2: Preventive Meditation Medicine  31M
1.3: Curative Meditation Medicine  28M
1.4: Self-Healing Meditation Medicine  23M

Stress Resilience Series 1.0  |  Video series of short talks and simple-to-do meditations for beginners. Teacher Kazi emphasizes the concerns of stress on health and how meditation can aid in prevention of disease, reduction of anxiety, and bring a greater sense of well-being.
1.1: Stress-Less Meditation 10M
1.2: Smile Shine — Sun Bath Meditation Medicine 23.5M
1.3: The Meditative Resurrection of the Daily Constitutional 10.5M
1.4: (to come)


Re-connecting with Ourselves: Grounding Meditation Series
Teacher: Cornelia Santschi  |  Video series of short talks and guided meditations that will help us reconnect with our embodied experience, building a stable base of strength from which to skillfully manage stress and enhance well-being.
1: Re-connecting with Our Senses 12M
2: Re-connecting with the Elements 18M
3: Re-connecting with the Natural World (to come)

Neighborhood & Daily Mindfulness Practices

The Art of Remembering Reaching Back to Move Forward  |  Zoom session using the art of song, words, and writing to call on the powers of strength, courage and wisdom compassionately.  |  Presenter: Kamilah Crawley  |  57M
The Power of the Pause (to come)
Building a Mindful Community (to come)