Our Culture

Meditative Culture

It is important to understand that we are not simply a meditation center, but rather, a center for meditative culture.

Often in our day-to-day lives our awareness is consumed by the task of maintaining our private and social faces. Much of the data we receive from our environment, from other humans and our own emotional and intuitive signals go ignored.

One of the precious benefits of maintaining a meditation practice is the cultivation of a more encompassing awareness. As awareness expands, so does our ability to be present for ourselves, others, and the subtle signals of nature and humanity. This then allows us to respond to the world from a place of awareness as opposed to habit.

When meditation practitioners gather together in a soul group, the result is the creation of a charged space. This now sacred space is infused with the collective breath of compassion and service, peace and love. The shared experience within this sacred space signals the presence of meditative culture.

Upon leaving the collective each person takes with them a portion of the collective charge to share with all they encounter upon their way, sowing the seeds of meditative culture in their daily travels.

Meditative culture does not spread by coercion or marketing. It’s contagious. It expands organically in response to the people’s desire for change.

Spiritual Culture

7 MIN VIEW | A talk by Ib’nallah S. Kazi on the meaning of Spiritual Culture.