Code of Conduct

Newark Center for Meditative Culture (NCMC) is committed to building a respectful and open community and to offer to the public at large a safe space where all members of our community feel welcome and comfortable. As such, negative and inappropriate behaviors are not acceptable, including verbal abuse, hate speech, physical assault, disrespect, intimidation, or other forms of misconduct. We reserve the right to refuse service and/or to restrict access to any visitor whose presence or participation jeopardizes the welcoming and inclusive spiritual culture we are working to establish, or who detracts from the safety, welfare, and well-being of us all. We seek to create an equitable, inclusive, and diverse community representative of the culture of our organization. Any forms of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, or any other grounds are not permitted on the premises or within the container of our online courses. NCMC management reserves the right, at its own discretion, to reschedule any disrupted activity and to dismiss any individuals or groups who infringe upon this Code of Conduct.