SPECIAL APPEAL: We need your immediate help to secure our first rental space!

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Dear Friends of NCMC,

We are appealing to you for your immediate help at this turning point in our development as a center and in our efficacy in building a much-needed meditation community in Newark, NJ.

The goal of Newark Center for Meditative Culture (NCMC) is to develop integrated and broad applications to bring mindfulness and meditation in their many forms and life practices to the community. We do so through providing mostly donation-based or free programs to the community.

Your kind donations will allow us to continue to provide these life-enhancing programs regardless of any participant’s present economic circumstances.

To take our goal to the next level, we need to have a home base where we can offer more weekly programming and a hub for our community to gather (rather than ad hoc venue rentals).

We are excited to now have a commitment for a rental lease of rooms in a landmark building in a central downtown location near Military Park, Newark, NJ.

What we need immediately is the funding for at least 1-1/2 years of a two-year lease, approximately $10,800.

This is the immediate need of our First Priority ASK. You can help by donating now to our GoFundMe campaign.

We understand that money can be tight — please know that even $5 helps us get closer to our goal!

Donate Now on GoFundMe

Securing the funding for the rental space is our most important requirement so that we can develop our programs without the pressure of worrying about rent for a while.

Beyond this, being able to purchase needed supplies, services, and equipment is important to keep the flow of resources going for people to stay connected. Developing a library will ground our community in knowledge.

You can read our full 2019 Business Plan for an in-depth overview on NCMC and our budget proposal including our prioritized ASK.

Can you help us to reach our immediate need of $10,800 of our First Priority ASK? It’s vital to get into our space quickly! 

Donate now!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your potential funding please contact our Treasurer, Andrea Lee, at treasurer@newarkmeditation.org.

Thank you for your time.

With much gratitude,

Kazi, Marcie, Cornelia, Andrea, Ihsaan, Kamilah, Jennifer, Javier
Board of Directors, Newark Center for Meditative Culture

ps. If you are more comfortable with donating directly through PayPal, donate here. Checks are also welcome made out and sent to Newark Center for Meditative Culture, PO Box 182, Newark, NJ 07101. Please let us know that you have sent a check.

pss. Please share this appeal with like-minded friends who may want to support the development of our meditation center in the diverse urban community of Newark, NJ.