NCMC Visiting Teachers

Visiting Monastic Teachers

Bhante Buddharakkhita  Theravadan Buddhist Meditation

Visiting Lay Teachers

Khalil Maasi  Moyo Kazi Qigong & Mindfulness Meditation
Rebecca Li  Chan Meditation & Dharma
Shaka Georges Qigong & Taichi

Visiting Instructors

Kamilah Crawley  Mindfulness


Bhante Buddharakkhita was born and raised in Uganda, Africa. He first encountered Buddhism in 1990 while living in India, and he began practicing meditation in 1993. He was ordained as a Buddhist monk by the late Venerable U Silananda in 2002 at the Tathagata Meditation Center in San Jose, California and then he spent eight years under the guidance of Bhante Gunaratana at the Bhavana Society, West Virginia. He is the founder of the Uganda Buddhist Centre and Peace School for Children in Uganda. He is on the council of spiritual advisers to the Buddhist Global Relief, New York. Bhante has been teaching meditation in Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia, and the U.S, since 2005. His book, Planting Dhamma Seeds: The Emergence of Buddhism in Africa, tells the story of his religious and spiritual work in Africa.

Khalil Maasi is a lifelong student and practitioner of meditation, mindfulness, martial science and it’s related integrated systems of knowledge. To understand the fruit, you must understand the root. And the root in this paradigm is Khalil’s father, well-renowned meditation and martial arts Grandmaster Shaha Mfundishi Maasi. He teaches under Shaha Maasi’s tutelage their family system known as Moyo Kazi (Energy Work) through their organization The School of Heaven and Earth which is based in Baltimore, Maryland. Moyo Kazi is a system of Chi Gung (internal martial healing science) developed and based on the study of internal healing martial traditions from around the world. Their teachings and background can be found at their blog Awakened Warrior.

Rebecca Li a Dharma heir in the Dharma Drum lineage of Chan Master Sheng Yen, started practicing meditation in 1995. She began her teacher’s training with Master Sheng Yen in 1999 to become a Dharma and meditation instructor. Later on, she trained with John Crook and Simon Child to lead intensive retreats and received full Dharma transmission from Simon Child in 2016.  Currently, she leads Chan retreats, teaches meditation and Dharma classes, and gives public lectures in North America and the U.K.  Her talks and writings can be found at  She is the founder and guiding teacher of Chan Dharma Community and a sociology professor at The College of New Jersey, where she also serves as faculty director of the Alan Dawley Center for the Study of Social Justice.

Shaka Georges began his martial arts practice at the age of 9 years old. He immigrated to the U.S. from Haiti in 1975, and ever since then has studied various forms of martial arts including Wing Chun, White Crane Kung Fu Capoeira, and Tai Chi Long and Short Forms. He is a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner from the Mahamudra Lineage and has been meditating for over 10 years. He has also been a fitness coach and instructor in Newark. Shaka is a certified tai chi and qi gong teacher practicing in Montclair and Harrison NJ (see Discovering The Healer Within) and is a mathematics high school teacher in West Orange.

Veronica Guevara-Lovgren is an Advanced Level III Reiki practitioner, Level II Animal Reiki practitioner, and certified Jivamukti Yoga instructor. She has also trained in Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Although Veronica has always had an interest in yoga and Reiki, she did not always have the means to access the practice, inspiring the creation of Tres Ositos Yoga as a way to share healing modalities with those interested at no cost or by donation. Veronica is also the Assistant Dean of Arts and Humanities at Ocean County College

Kamilah Crawley, (MPH, CHES), began her meditation practice in 2014 with Newark Center for Meditative Culture (NCMC) as result of seeking healing and peace in her own life. She served as a founding board member and mindfulness instructor with NCMC. She merges her professional knowledge in public health, her personal mindfulness practice, and passion for cultural healing. After several years of working in Public Health, in 2019 Kamilah founded The Mindful Woman, LLC. that focuses on educating individuals about how mindfulness practices can help reduce stress, cultivate daily self-care, and restore an authentic sense of self. She expands her knowledge of mindfulness and healing pathways by exploring reiki, yoga and meditative philosophies. Born and raised in Newark NJ, she now splits her time between there and Memphis TN.